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When placing your order, you acknowledge that you have read and agree with the general terms and conditions. Van Heijster Relatiegeschenken B.V. keeps itself the right to change terms and / or conditions after the expiry of the term. If you receive items that you did not order, you should Van Heijster Relatiegeschenken B.V. from them to inform. Inaccuracies of specified data should also be reported immediately.

Offers and establishment of agreements

An offer or quotation from Van Heijster Relatiegeschenken B.V. non-binding and is only an invitation to place an order by the client. An agreement is concluded only if and insofar as Van Heijster Relatiegeschenken B.V. an order from the client accepts in writing or by Van Heijster Relatiegeschenken B.V. executes an order, unless the client by other means proves that Van Heijster Relatiegeschenken B.V. has fully and unconditionally the order of client accepted. If Van Heijster Relatiegeschenken B.V. made on request any performance before full agreement has been reached on the price and payment terms for that performance, client gifts from Van Heijster Relatiegeschenken B.V.  will pay for it in accordance with the rates applicable at Van Heijster Relatiegeschenken B.V..


All prices From Van Heijster Relatiegeschenken B.V. are expressed in Euros and excluding VAT and shipping costs, unless otherwise stated. Model and price changes. Except in the latest version of Van Heijster Relatiegeschenken B.V. ‘s main catalog, brochures or other promotional material or unless expressly agreed otherwise, any (printing) tests, the cost of packaging and shipping, the cost of import and export duties and excise taxes, as well as all (other) levies or taxes imposed or levied in respect of any performance, included in the price.

Setup costs

€ 33.50 (excl. VAT) per article ordered, by printing color and / or pattern and by text, unless otherwise stated. The costs are per printing color and / or pattern. If prices include printing are specified, this means print in one color. For the printing of some items, such as calendars and leather articles, a zinkcliché is necessary and in some cases, a buyer stamp. The cost of a zinkcliché € 25, -. The plate costs are also calculated per color and per side at net price unless otherwise stated.


A few days after receiving your order we send you a confirmation. Please check them. Should you encounter any errors then we urge you to report it within 24 hours to your contact his or her name is listed on the order confirmation.


If the customer cancels or changes the order in whole or parts of the order after receiving the order confirmation, the customer is required to compensate 25% of the order value, with a view to the implementation of the agreement (preparations, orders from third parties, storage, etc.). After the agreement of the printing sample, Van Heijster Relatiegeschenken B.V. may charge 100% of the order value. Cancellation by the client must be made in writing to Van Heijster Relatiegeschenken B.V..


Our prices do not include shipping and tax. Model and price changes reserved. For unprinted goods orders with a price below € 200, - we charge € 17.50 handling. Printed articles will be sent COD. Author's corrections may lead to increased costs and delay the delivery time. Your printed items will be shipped within 8 working days after approval of the proof and if available. Planning Delivery date shown on your confirmation. If there is no date listed? Your order will be delivered according to our standard conditions: the first two digits of the order number stated on your order confirmation, giving the schedule week. Planning Dates are subject to change. Shorter delivery times are available on request. Printed articles receive in 3 days, if available. Van Heijster Relatiegeschenken B.V. can be delivered by high inventory levels from stock. However, it may happen that an item is temporarily out of stock. In that case, you will be notified. Reported delivery times are indicative only and do not lead to any right or liability. The given by Van Heijster Relatiegeschenken B.V. delivery period for products and / or deadline for the provision of services is based on the time of concluding the contract for Van Heijster Relatiegeschenken B.V. gifts prevailing circumstances and to the extent depending on performance of third parties, on which by Third-party Van Heijster Relatiegeschenken B.V. information provided. The delivery period and / or implementation period will Van Heijster Relatiegeschenken B.V. as much as possible be observed.

Delivery and risk

The delivery of the products is deemed to have taken place; when sent through a commercial carrier: by transferring the products to professional carrier; if the products by or on behalf of the Client to be removed: the receipt of all the products; when sent by a vehicle from Van Heijster Relatiegeschenken B.V.; by delivery to the address specified by the client. From the time of delivery the products to the client's risk. The normal transport risk is at all times with the client. If necessary, the client must insure themselves against.

More-/Less Delivery

In several articles, it is not possible to give the exact number, so 5% more or less supply is permitted. For articles from other suppliers 10% more or less delivery applies.

Sample shipments

We will send you a free sample to a goods value of € 5, -.

Should the amount of goods exceed € 5, - we will first contact you. These costs may be credited in consultation when we receive your order. You do not have to return the sample.

Textile articles are always passed on and cannot be sent back. When a textile article when applying sample, then you agree with the fact that the article cannot be returned and that the cost of the item and the shipping cost (if any) are passed on to you.


Van Heijster Relatiegeschenken B.V. guarantees that prices will not be raised during the course of catalogs or brochures, unless legal action is necessary. You can find the lowest price ever on www.vanheijster.nl. Van Heijster Relatiegeschenken B.V. is not liable for any misprints.


For optimal service and interesting offers, your personal and / or business data will be registered in the customer system of Van Heijster Relatiegeschenken B.V. gifts. If you do not want, you can let us know via simple: email sales@vanheijster.nl or contact our sales advisors: 0478-55 73 00. Furthermore, we use your data to perform the contract and risk management. You are entitled to access and modify your data.

Privacy on the internet

When you visit the website www.vanheijster.nl automatically your (temporary) IP address detected. These data will only be stored to analyze the navigation, visited pages and ordered items from our site further to optimize the functionality and content of the site. Cookies are only stored on your computer in order to increase ease of use and are not used for other purposes.


Van Heijster Relatiegeschenken B.V. uses only email addresses that are given directly. Your email address will be used for marketing or service purposes. If you do not want, you can let us know via simple: email sales@vanheijster.nl or contact our sales advisors: 0478-55 73 00. We never provide email addresses to third parties for commercial purposes.

Other information

We store and use all the information that you voluntarily provide through our website, for marketing and service purposes. When you give us your address via our website, you can periodically selective mailings and catalogs from us. If you do not want, you can let us know via simple: email sales@vanheijster.nl or contact our sales advisors: 0478-55 73 00.

Change of address

You are required to inform Van Heijster Relatiegeschenken B.V. of a change of address. As long as no relocation of Van Heijster Relatiegeschenken B.V. message received is deemed to be housed in the Van Heijster Relatiegeschenken B.V. known address. You remain liable for the ordered items are delivered to the old address.


All payments must be made no later than the last day of the agreed payment through prepaid remittance or in cash and without offsetting and without deduction or rebates for which the day of the payment no credit notes or other agreement of Van Heijster Relatiegeschenken B.V. hold is the client.  If no payment has been agreed, the client will it amounts charged, in the currency stated on the invoice within 14 days after the invoice date to pay Van Heijster Relatiegeschenken B.V. In cashless payments, the date of payment the day of crediting the giro account of Van Heijster Relatiegeschenken B.V. Any objections to invoices, specifications, descriptions and prices must be made within 8 days in writing to Van Heijster Relatiegeschenken B.V. If this is impossible under any client not attributable cause, the client will be objections in any case as soon as reasonably possible in writing to Van Van Heijster Relatiegeschenken B.V. communicate gifts. Client is without further notice, on any amounts not paid by the last day of the payment, from that day interest at the statutory interest rate prevailing in the Netherlands. If the client after the expiration of a registered letter asked further payment amount and interest due has not been paid, the client is required From Van Heijster Relatiegeschenken B.V. all judicial and extrajudicial costs, including reasonable legal fees in proceedings or otherwise, to compensate

Reservation of Ownership

The ownership of the products passes, notwithstanding the actual delivery, on the principal after they all amounts in respect of, or under contract delivered off supply products to Van Heijster Relatiegeschenken B.V. gifts due or will be fully satisfied, it also included the purchase price , possible under these Conditions or the contract surcharges, interest, taxes and fees as well as any work performed pursuant to such agreement or to perform. In case of attachment, (provisional) moratorium or bankruptcy client will immediately inform the bailiff, administrator or trustee of the (property) rights of Van Heijster Relatiegeschenken B.V..

Intellectual property

Copyright designed by Van Heijster Relatiegeschenken B.V., or come about sketches, drawings, lithographs, clichés, photographs, models etc. remain at all times vested in her, even if the client in respect thereof has placed an order and its Resulting financial obligations fulfilled.

Inspection and advertising

Client is obliged products immediately after arrival at the destination or, if earlier, upon receipt by himself or a third party acting on his behalf, to be exact (do) inspect. Any complaints about defects in the products that are due to material or workmanship, as well as differences in quantity, weight, composition or quality between the delivered products and the purpose of the order confirmation and / or invoice, must be submitted within 8 days of arrival the products are communicated in writing to Van Heijster Relatiegeschenken B.V.. Defects that could not reasonably have been discovered within the above time limit, must immediately upon discovery and within 30 days after arrival of the goods in writing to Van Heijster Relatiegeschenken B.V.. The client is not permitted to return products before Van Heijster Relatiegeschenken B.V. written consent. The costs of returning to his client and the products continue to be risk.


If timely and correct and if, in the reasonable judgment of Van Heijster Relatiegeschenken B.V. is shown that the products are not sound complacent, Van Heijster Relatiegeschenken B.V. will gifts have the option, either proven products free of charge to redeliver against return of the faulty products, either repair the products properly, whether to grant the client to establish a mutually agreed discount on the purchase price. By fulfilling one of the aforementioned performance of Van Heijster Relatiegeschenken B.V. respect of its guarantee obligations will be fully discharged and Van Heijster Relatiegeschenken B.V. gifts will create any further (damage) claims held.

Liability and Indemnification

Van Heijster Relatiegeschenken B.V. is never liable for any indirect damage to the customer to third parties, which also included consequential damages (including lost revenue or profits) immaterial damage, company or environmental. The liability of Van Heijster Relatiegeschenken B.V. against the Client on any grounds whatsoever per event (whereby a series of related events counts as one event) to the person (excluding VAT). If no contract can be appointed, Van Heijster Relatiegeschenken B.V. 's liability is limited to the amount received in respect of its liability insurance. This limitation shall not apply insofar as the damage was caused by intent or gross negligence of Van Heijster Relatiegeschenken B.V. or its top management personnel or the extent of Van Heijster Relatiegeschenken B.V. ‘s liability arises from the mandatory applicable law on account of product.

Sets, prints or other proofs

Client is bound by it or not at the request of Van Heijster Relatiegeschenken B.V. receive sets, pressure or other proofs carefully for errors and / or control deficiencies and this corrected in the common case expeditiously approved to or from Heijster return gifts. Approval of the tests by client is an acknowledgment of the fact that Van Heijster Relatiegeschenken B.V. has timely and properly conducted preliminary work on the tests. Van Heijster Relatiegeschenken B.V. is not liable for any deviations, errors and faults that remained unnoticed in the proofs approved or corrected by the principal. Each explicit request of the client manufactured test is charged in addition to the agreed price, unless expressly agreed that the costs of these tests in the room rate.

Governing law and jurisdiction

All agreements concluded by Dutch law. Except where national or international rules prescribe otherwise, is always competent court Venlo designated by the parties to take cognizance of a dispute.

Processing of personal data

Personal data will be processed in a proper, careful and confidential way, observing the applicable national and international legislation and regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation ('GDPR'). This also includes cooperating with legitimate requests from data subjects within the meaning of the GDPR.

Furthermore, personal data will not be processed other than in a way that is compatible with the objectives for which they have been obtained and shall not be stored or processed any longer than is required.

Suitable technical and organisational safeguards shall be put in place to ensure that personal data are protected against destruction, loss or any form of unlawful processing, taking into account the state of the art and the type of processing.

Where applicable, the principal shall immediately on request of Van Heijster Relatiegeschenken B.V. cooperate with the creation of a contract to be provided by Van Heijster Relatiegeschenken B.V. as referred to in Article 28 GDPR (a processor's contract) for the processing of personal data by Giving Europe B.V., to the extent that an existing contract between the parties does not already qualify as such a contract.

Van Heijster Relatiegeschenken B.V. shall inform the principal as soon as possible, but in any case without unreasonable delay, of a personal data breach, such to the extent that it concerns personal data that in the context of a contract between the parties have been obtained from the principal or are processed about the principal by Van Heijster Relatiegeschenken B.V. and/or concern persons the contract relates to.


Our deliveries are the general terms and conditions apply. The full version of these conditions filed at the Chamber of Commerce in Venlo under number 12017062. On demand of the client will be sent a copy free of charge to him. Furthermore is the full version of the general conditions for inspection at the office of Van Heijster Relatiegeschenken B.V. on the Keizersveld 45 in Venray.

Last version: 22 may 2018

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